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Edible Love Chocolates is awarded "Best Truffles" by the East Bay Express!
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Edible Love Chocolates – Indulge in a truly fabulous decadent chocolate experience with Edible Love's chocolate truffles, made of delicious organic fair-trade chocolate and a variety of organic ingredients that will leave you asking for more!

Our chocolates speak through our testimonials:

"Oh god. If there's ever a last meal for me it's a plate full of Edible Love's dark chocolate raspberry ganache truffles that had some kind of whimsical name. One bite of this heaven-sent truffle made me ooo and ahh so much that I had to jump up out of bed (don't ask why I'm eating truffles in bed...) and Yelp about it pronto. There was a soft crunch from the chocolate shell, and then the oozing of the ganache that was perfectly flavored with raspberry sweetness. Texture, taste and chocolate-fruit decadence to this extent cannot be kept a secret for long. And if you haven't had the pleasure of interacting with this renaissance-inspired, velvety establishment, do so ASAP.

If love is their secret ingredient, then it's definitely the high quality stuff of romantic fairy-tales."

from Emiko T. on Yelp.Com

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Testimonials Before Yelp.com Came Along...

"The best chocolates ever, Philippe is our chocolate provider, why bother buying chocolates in stores when you can have fresh organic taaaasty chocolate made with love! (and love is very important when you cook ...)"
Philippe Quentin
Berkeley, California

"My wife and I are winding down and will soon be asleep for the night. We split our first edible love truffle tonight to cap off a demanding work week. We were both very impressed by the presentation. The cold pack was clever. The box and gold ribbon were a treat for the eyes. We also enjoyed the color coded papers. I took an absinthe truffle out of the box and had about half a bite and passed it on to Lisa. She took her bite and we both sat back and slowly savored the flavor and just let it wash over us. We agreed that we would only enjoy these together. I don't know of any higher praise I could bestow."
Sjon Pelletier
Palo Alto, California

"Edible Love Chocolates are the most succulent, juicy and beautiful truffles ever. Made by Sexy Bay Area Willy Wonka Philippe Lewis, these truffles embody all that is great about the Bay area: wet, inviting, and organic!"
Carin McKay
San Francisco, California

"Edible Love Chocolates MADE our wedding! My husband and I wanted to do something different at our wedding than the traditional wedding cake. Lucky for us, we met Philippe of Edible Love Chocolates and set up a consultation with him to find out what our other options were. Not only was our meeting with him perhaps the least stressful and most relaxed meeting we had with all of our vendors, we were amazed at what he could offer! Philippe has the gift of including you in the process and dreaming up something awesome! He designed a dessert buffet of making heart shaped chocolate hazelnut caramel pies and cheese cakes, as well as four different types of "His and Her's Truffles". Not only did he make the most incredibly rich, creamy and downright decadent dessert that we had ever tasted, his presentation was PHENOMINAL due to his background in designing spaces for events. Our guests went WILD, and our desert buffet is still the talk of our wedding! Philippe, we want to thank you for your outstanding listening skills, creating a wonderful environment to do business in, and for making it so fun to be included in the process! Your ability to articulate our vision AND make it better than we could have imagined was such a huge blessing for us! There is no question in our minds why you are so loved!"
London Elise, Owner of Soothe SF (www.SootheSF.com)
San Francisco, California

"Honey you deserve the award for "Best joy giver in the Bay Area" just for being who you are ... But yeah, your truffles do give us something that takes the place of orgasm, so no complaints on that."
Berkeley, California

"[My friend] gave me some of your home-crafted chocolates for a gift and they are indeed edible love. We not only enjoyed the flovors but had fun eating them. My favorite is the Rose, though it was hard to pick one. Thank you for your artistry. Truly your love comes through them."
author of Erotic Massage: Sensual Touch for Deep Pleasure and Extended Arousal, spring 2007
founding member of ASEP, Association of Sexual Energy Professionals

"I had heard about how good you truffles were but, before the gift of a single one at Harbin yesterday I hadn't yet experienced them. Thank you. That was a freaking awesome truffle. I'll be a happy customer the next time they're up for sale."
Todd Stuart
Berkeley, California

"The melting temperature profile of the ganache is exquisite!!! The ganache viscosity is perfect when applied to various places on my lover's body (not too stiff on the coolest spots, not too runny on the hottest spots!) and just right for removing slowly with tongue and lips! I think I could use these to tell her temperature and state of arousal! Is this intentional?! Bravo! Don't change it. We'd share one truffle by first cutting it in half. The half truffle with its hard shell makes a perfect "writing" instrument for chocolate art on body parts. It's amazing how long a truffle will last and how much truffle you'll taste this way! (How to stretch the lifetime of a truffle by at least 20:1!) To my mind this is one helluva better way to eat a truffle than to just pop it in my mouth."
Steve S.
Berkeley, California

"Okay, so I'm at this trunk show and I'm checking out this guys display of chocolates and I'm thinking to myself, "Wonder what's so special about HIS chocolates!" I avoid it and don't even go there because the last thing my bloated butt needs is chocolate. Then at the end of the show, this man walks up to me and asks me if I'd like a sample of his chocolate. He had samples set out during the day and at the end was cleaning up and giving the rest of the samples away. I bite into this chocolate and I think my eyes rolled to the back of my head as if I'd been struck by lightning. The flavor was rose, the inside texture was creamy. It was refreshing and not the slightest bit too rich. Now as a chocolate lover and taster of fine chocolates, I guess you could say I'm a bit snobby about these delectable morsels......the spawn of the devil. But Phillippe has got it. He is the master. And now he's got me so addicted I gotta get me some more. I urge you to try an assorted box of his chocolates. He'll also deliver and you'll find him at various shows around the bay area. I've tried all of them and next to the rose flavor, cayenne is next in line. One night I was working a small spa event and someone spotted Philippe's car and walked in. So they came in and we're thinking these people would like a spa treatment right? No, they wanted the chocolatier! Can't say I don't blame them! Phillippe is really awsome. Great guy all around. If you have a special occasion, event, wedding, party......whatever. Buy some. And he'll let you sample too!"
Ellen Olson
Spa Dee Dah
San Francisco, California

"Ecstasy is an understatement when describing these chocolates. They are SO FREAKING GOOD, they make you want to replace all food, water AND air with Edible Love chocolates. Then you would be dead... but, hey, you had the chocolates; what else is there to live for? Ok, so there are a lot of things to live for, but these chocolates are one of those things that make you say to yourself, "Alright; if I have to die, I will die happy!". I am in agreement with Ellen O; the rose ones are AWESOME. I think that the Kahlua Coffee Liquor is a close second. But, I was told by Philippe himself that there is a NEW truffle in the works that is called "Fire and Ice" that will knock us out. I am ready. I have contemplated getting a sleeping bag and camping out in front of his house in hopes that he will take pity on me and let me try the new truffle. But then I thought that might be, well, freaky. But it is CHOCOLATE, People! I know you understand. I almost had to break off my engagement because my fiance managed to eat the ENTIRE BOX by himself! I was horrified. I thought that he loved me, but I was obviously mistaken. Thank god I have Edible Love Chocolates to fill the void (well, that and the agreement that Philippe will be creating a decadent desert bar at our wedding). Thank you Philippe; our marriage is saved. God bless you; God bless your chocolate empire. You are making the world a better place, one bite at a time."
London Elise
Soothe (www.soothesf.com)
San Francisco, California

"This is the new drug and I'm certainly addicted. Philippe's chocolates have a wonderful flavor and creamy texture. They are not too rich, so they won't leave you with a queasy tummy or the feeling that you must brush your teeth 20 times. My favorite flavor is rose. It's creamy texture and refreshing flavor will make your tastebuds sing! The service is always fantastic. Philippe is a very down to earth, sweet; lovable guy and I'll continue to do business with him till my teeth fall out."
Ellen Olson
Spa Dee Dah
San Francisco, California

"Philippe makes the best chocolate truffles - EVER. I am a chocoholic, with a penchant for organic, artisan chocolates. Philippe's truffles leave Scharffen Berger and Recchuiti (purveyor of premium $$$ designer truffles) in the dust. He lovingly crafts custom flavor truffles such as Bailey's Hazelnut, Cayenne Pepper, Rose Infusion, and more. If chocolates are a substitute for love, Philippe's truffles are undoubtedly Aphrodisiac."
Lorna Li
Maketing Consultant
San Francisco CA

"We just wanted to let you know what a delight your wonderful truffles were (they're all gone now!) Everyone in the family was greatly pleased with their "sweet" Christmas gifts from London. She sure is a champion of yours and we can certainly see why. We are truly looking forward to what you make for the wedding of London and Neil"
London's Mom & Dad
Sandy & Max
Los Angeles, California

"‘Fuzzy’ Phillipe’s truffles caught my eye while working at one of San Francisco's most eclectic trunk shows, Pandora's Trunk. Right beside the Spa Dee Dah booth sat a lovely display of tasty chocolates. They smelled so good! The truffles came in fun, innovative flavors like cayenne, orange blossom, lavender, and rose water. I've tried several floral flavors before and really enjoyed them, but I was a little uncertain of rose. So, of course I bought three, and ate every single one in under 5 minutes! I could have eaten a dozen of those truffles, they were so good! Fuzzy packages small orders in cute ribboned boxes, and arrange for dropoff or pickup (whatever’s more convenient). And the best part… for parties and weddings with large orders, Fuzzy will even customize truffle flavors to your preferences!"
Andrea Turner
Spa Dee Dah (www.spadeedah.com)
San Francisco, California

"I first tried your truffles 3 years ago, and never stopped talking of them. Upon ordering some more and melting into the luscious experience of eating these truffles I asked myself why I had waited so long!"
Sai Mayi Magram

"Fans of Philippe's delectible truffles have spread far and wide since their inception. One day I believe they will be sent into space to tempt some shy extra-terretrials with their welcome. Meanwhile, the intrepid chocolatier was only to happy to help a batch of chocs wend their way to Canada. He bravely dropped them to a secret location in downtown San Francisco where they were carefully placed in the bottom of a bulging rucksack. From there they survived metros, buses, aeroplanes and taxis to arrive perfectly fresh and edible at a Vancouver condo and there they were nibbled until nothing remained except the paper cups and the handily reusable boxes. Encore!"
Louise Mason
Personal Assistant
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Fuzzy Phillipe has gone above and beyond the traditional stuffy candy store and has created such a positive and sensual environment for indulging one's chocolate cravings that one could easily forgo sex and live by chocolate alone."
Darcy Vasudev
Henna Artist
San Francisco, California

"Amazingly decadent only begins to describe Phillipe's truffles.....be prepared to be deeply satisfied yet somehow irresistibly wanting more! Kevin & I were absolutely blown away by the entire experience, from the samples Phillipe delivered to our house right up to the main event. Choosing to incorporate Edible Love's chocolates into our dessert table for our wedding was the one of the best decisions we made! The presentation was extraordinary and the flavors were out of this world! Our only complaint was that we should have had 5 times as many (and we had plenty for our number of guests!) .... they were cleared in the first 20 minutes, which really attests to the magic of these truffles! Phillipe, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing service and beautiful experience!"
Beth & Kevin Allen
Alameda, CA